Tuscany 2006 – Day 6 – The mountains of Umbria – Camerino

Thursday, September 28. 2006

Mountains of UmbriaQuite interesting that I watched the seasons end of Alias season five yesterday, and once more the series played in Italy (since the whole series involves researching the works of a fictive ancient Italian researcher the story was set in Italy quite often). But this time the film makers got a blatant error into their script. The mountain scene visited in Umbria was set on a big glacier. None of the mountains in Umbria is high enough to have even a little glacier..

City of CamerinoThe city of Camerino is on the top of one of the mountains at an altitude of about 660m. The town once provided home for a pope and is university town since the 14th century. Walking through the narrow streets of that town there were indeed a lot of students and pupils on the road. It was a bit like walking through the old town of Bamberg, but the other way around. This time I was the alien trying to get pictures of all those nice sights, were all the other people were “just” living there.

Dinner: Pizza Rustica – Profiteroles

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Tuscany 2006 – Day 4 – Todi

Tuesday, September 26. 2006

todiAlthough we’ve been on holiday in Tuscany quite a view times, there are still a few spots we hadn’t visited yet - one of those was the city of Todi. Unluckily I’m a little too tired atm to give a detailed write up. But have a look at Wikipedia’s description here. or at my pictures here!

Dinner: Tortellini Freschi Panna e prosciutto – Pizza Ricca - Profiteroles

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Tuscany 2006 – Day 2 – Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore near Asciano

Monday, September 25. 2006

AbbaziaThroughout Tuscany there is quite a number of monasteries. Years ago we had already been visiting the Abbazia but unluckily it was closed at that occasion. This year we gave it a second try. And this time we had more luck and the Abbazai was open, so we had the chance to have a look at the museum. Have a look at my pictures here!

Dinner: Antipasto della casa – Pizza rustica - Profiteroles

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Bergkerwa 2006 – Part 1

Monday, June 12. 2006

Crowded BergThis year I made it to the Bergkerwa in Erlangen two times. The first visit was organized by my Feki.de friends. To reach Erlangen we had split into two groups. The first did take a train around 2pm, which was far to early in my opinion. So I headed to Erlangen with a second group consisting of Rene, Markus and Katha taking the 5:30om train to Erlangen. And of course you can’t go to Erlangen on such a day without meeting other students and friends. Tim and our famous Iventscout-Party Team including Matze and DJ Hammer were on the same train.

PartyAlthough the weather wasn’t too nice the Berg-area was quite crowded when we arrived there. After a few minutes we managed to meet up with our first group and found as a nice place at one of the beer gardens. Good to have a place to sit – but no music and unpleasant service (the waiter “by mistake” stole one of our empty mugs.) Having our first beer there we then decided to meet up with Tim and the other guys.

CrowdArriving there at the other end of the Berg-area they were already enjoying themselves. It was really really crowded now, and standing near to a tree at some junction you had to take care not to be pushed away. But this was no reason to get our mood spoiled. Sometime later that evening Markus and me ended standing in front of one of the liquor stands... Luckily after 45 minutes our friends who had dropped us their managed it to return... We ended up partying at the Big Kitzmann tent. I won’t write about the events of the journey home on the train. But there is a nice video.. (which I can’t link here, but I encourage you to email Tim to see it ;-))

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Luna Bar

Thursday, October 6. 2005

KLCC from Luna BarWe finally made it! Wednesday night we visited Luna bar, and were not thrown out after five minutes. But Luna Bar is quite worth visiting a second time. Placed on the top floor (35th) of the Pan Global Building (On top of the now Pacific Regency hotel) you can get an amazing view over KL. Unluckily drinks are quite expensive there (RM 28 for cocktail), and officially you would not be allowed to take photos up there. So I was very careful not to annoy anyone while taking some pictures. Fred brought a lot of AIESEC friends we were a really big group and the evening was very entertaining.

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation center

Tuesday, August 9. 2005

Orang UtanThe Mission of the Rehab center is to help Orang Utans, which get injured or captured by men to become rehabilitated again. Especially baby Orang Utans, of whom the mother died need a intensive care. It takes a long time, to educate the Orang Utan to live in the wilderness of the jungle again. But the mission of the rehabilitation Center is important, since more and more of those primates get confronted with men entering there forests to convert it to more and more palm oil plantations. After being nursed and cared the Orang Utans are released into the forest near the rehab center. They are still offered food by the park - those two daily feeding events at 10am and 3pm attract visitors from all over the world - and they have the chance to feed themselves from fruits in the jungle. At 8:40am, a movie about the Rehab center is shown, and then visitors are allowed into the park.

Crowd of people watching the feedingThe park is a wooden walkway, which leads into the jungle to the ample viewing platforms, which offers view to the feeding platform, where the Orang Utans get their fruits. It is very neat, to watch the primates toying around with bananas. A mother with a little baby Orang Utan was also quite spectacular to watch. But honestly I must admit, that everything seems to me just equal to any feeding show you can get in a zoo, as well. So if you want to see Orang Utan, you might also visit one of the great zoos of KL and Singapore or even in Germany. And if you want to support the Orang Utan, you may also support them directly through this website.

Blog Header Pictures

Monday, June 27. 2005

I consider it a problem, that I can’t give descriptions to my blog header pictures. So you are left without any explanation where they where taken, and what background story they might hide. Since I managed to gather quite a few of those pictures, so I decided to give them their own image gallery, where I could add manual descriptions. I also added the possibility to register at the image gallery and to write comments to my images today. I would be very happy to receive a little feedback to the header pictures. So feel free to register and comment!

Petaling Street

Tuesday, June 21. 2005

Jalan PetalingYou haven’t been to KL if you did not see the twin tower and visited the Chinese Market in Petaling street. Since Dirk wanted to buy some presents before leaving KL we headed for Petaling street once more. Our last visit was only about two weeks before, when we gathered a decent collection of nice CDs as a birthday present for Alison. Our previous visits always took place in the evening, so I couldn’t get really good pictures. This time Petaling street also was somehow changed. At night the whole street is stuffed with an extra line of shops, which makes it very hard to get through. But that didn’t really matter, since the whole variety of shops was there, too. But bargaining was a little harder, I just couldn’t convince that one trader to give me the sunglasses for MYR 10 – which is a normal price there at night time. So I just didn’t buy them. But later on I couldn’t resist buying the new album of Lucie Silvas, which I was looking for quite a while, also the CD was MYR 5 – and you can usually buy 3 CDS for MYR 10.. but that´s just supply and demand. The Lucia Silvas Album is in my opinion really worth the money, I will write a review when I find some time.

JuicesIf you want to go for a nice rest in Petaling street I can definitely recommend having a drink at the Swiss Inn hotel there. You can sit outside an enjoy one of there juices while watching the busy street.