Canon 400D - my obituary

Sunday, August 10. 2008

Almost four weeks ago I sold my good "old" Canon EOS 400D. I had bought it in June 2007 out of two reasons. Number one I was in need of a functioning camera to shoot pictures at the Southside Festival (the flash of my 350D was dysfunctional since it was exposed to too much water). Number two due to Canon cashback it was just damn cheap (560EUR incl. 18-55mm EF-S Kit Lens). From the beginning I liked the Camera because of the bigger display 2,5" in comparison to the 1,8" of my 350D. Also I could show off more by shooting pictures with 10 mega pixels. It had one downside, though: The built in flash. At least my model had a bigger reload time than the 350D. After shooting a few pictures using flash it would stop for about a minute to reload the flash - pretty annoying if you want to make a huge amount of pictures at some party. The message board helped me to sell the camera for 350 EUR, so my net loss for shooting about 15000 pictures was 300EUR roughly 2cent/picture. Well. Only about 1/5th of this pictures made it online - so it's 10cent/picture. But it's a hobby so I probably shouldn't waste too much thought into costs. Especially since I re-invested the money into a brand new EOS 40D. But that is a different story. In order to make this obituary worthwhile to read, I've added ten of the best pictures I've shot with the 400D.

Crowd at Placebo performance at the Southside Festival 2007
Groove Armada performance at Frequency Festival 2007
Freak City!
Firework over Old bridge Heidelberg
Performance at Stockholm - Helsinki Cruise
Benjamin von Stuckrad Barre in Bamberg
Oda @ Bad Taste Party
Berit @ Laax
Seagull @ Highway #1
Golden Gate Bridge

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Gaps in your song database?

Sunday, April 13. 2008

Guess you know that problem, you are searching for a certain song, but it just won't show up in your song database. You are too lazy to fire up Napster, or Napster doesn't lost the song at all. Or you are on the road, and you don't have access to your library at all. Under those circumstances Seeqpod might be of use for you. It is a slim music crawler, which searches all kind of different ressources of the Web for songs. It even works with the Iphone or the Ipod-Touch.

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Monday, February 25. 2008

Starting today I will be guest-blogging in It is a Watchblog covering offers of Liveshopping Pages. I will go more into details later. Have fun reading my most recent post here.

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Management vocabulary translated

Thursday, January 17. 2008

Found in last Saturday's edition of the Nordbayerischer Kurier:

Globalisation is good – Johan Norberg’s approach to globalization

Friday, September 14. 2007

Today I stumbled up on a video documentary on globalization by the Swedish journalist and writer Johan Norberg, who takes up a position against the condemnation of globalisation. He shows examples how government protectionism influences the development of economy and wealth.

I titled this post an “approach”, because of course you can address the issue of globalization from many directions, and of course there are always scenarios where workers are exploited, and the only gainers are the multinational concerns, who are then protecting their economy etc… But I think like the Sunday Telegraph commented on that documentary:

“This is timely and thought-provoking stuff, and should be compulsory viewing for anyone who ever boycotted a brand."

Thx to the courtesy of Channel 4, the video is available on google-video. Watch it online, or download it for your Ipod!

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bitte, gib mir nur ein wort

Tuesday, May 15. 2007

Some time ago paule sent me a meme to answer. The challenge is to open each question with only one word. I kinda translated the meme quite fast – so if you have comments feel free to utter.

Your mobile phone? S/O/N/Y
Your partner? -
Your hair? decent
Your mum? irreplaceable
Your dad? successful
Most loved Item? camera
Last nights dream? irrelevant
Favourite drink? carbonated water
Dream car? BMW M5
The room you are currently in? disorderly
Your ex? -
Your fear? unfounded
Where do you want to be in 10 years? happy
With whom did you spent the last evening? friends
What is it you are not? simple
The last thing you did? chatting
What do you wear? clothes
Favourite book? Snow crash
The last thing you did eat? breakfast
Your life? interesting
Your mood? relaxed
Your friends? helpful
What are you currently thinking about? applications
What are you doing at the moment? blogging
Your summer? hot
What is on the TV? irrelevant
When did you laugh the last time? T-5min
When did you cry the last time? long ago
School? Not a place to work
What are you currently listening to? soul
Favourite activity for weekends? friends
Favourite job? undecided
Your computer? old
Outside your window? noise
Beer? U
Mexican food? tasty
Winter? skiing
Religion? controversial
Holidays? sun
On your bed? clothes
Love? important

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Tuesday, February 6. 2007

jay1 [¤?¥ê] s

1. ORN.Eichelhäher m

2. colloq. Lästermaul n, Klatschtante f

3. colloq.

a) Bauer m: jay girl Bauerntrampel m contp.

b) Einfaltspinsel m, Trottel m (beide colloq.)

jay2 [¤?¥ê] s

1. Jot n (Buchstabe)

2. joint I 7

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1Y - Just another review on blogging

Saturday, September 30. 2006

Initially this whole thing was about communicating from Malaysia to Germany, to get my pictures from overseas online and to create some persistent viewable memories. So I started this blog project as my personal Malaysia diary.

I did never question, whether this was the right medium to keep my friends up to date. Guess some would have been happier to get individual emails or some monthly emails with reports about what would be happening abroad. From my personal experience reading such emails, I had decided that at least for me those mails were rather inadequate. When you finally invest the time to read through such mostly long summaries, the events which are covered are already ancient. There are also so many topics covered, that you just don’t know what to say. And if you read such a complex work, you will feel obliged to write back something rather highly sophisticated. Using a blog, you will have more short postings, and there are chances, that some friends would just write something less sophisticated.

Meanwhile I have learned, that blogging enables to far more than just an easier way of communication with friends. Actually it is only suited for this communication if your friends are willing to go this way with you – they need to read the blog and need to comment. I had to make the experience that the first of these requirements can be achieved. It is just a little less convenient. Although your blog might give the reading person many more features than just a simple email it is less convenient. The reason is very understandable – you can’t just force somebody to visit your website, but you can demand that somebody reads your emails. Anyway, if someone cares he will take his time to have a look on your blog from time to time. But the second requirement – to get feedback via your blog from these friends is a really invincible obstacle. Until today the majority of my readers has reservations against commenting on my blog. The number of people commenting on my blog, who don’t own their own weblog moves against zero!

But there are other users that can be motivated to contribute to your blog – people just like yourself – fellow bloggers. Initially I had hoped, that I could keep contact to my friends from Malaysia with the help of my blog – but not all of my friends down there seem to care very much about my writings here. But due to my blog I got new friends in Malaysia – bloggers like me

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