The conservative Islamic Society in Malaysia

Tuesday, June 21. 2005 LS Malaysia

The Malaysian Society and Sexuality are two things that obviously don't get quite along with each other. As I was told the open exchange of caress should be avoided (don't even think about kissing) and in certain Taxis you can see stickers, which prohibit kissing. Malaysia is an Islamic country, the dealing with sexuality is very conservative there. I should get informed what are the exact religious laws, that restrict the people here, but everything reminds me a little to some strict catholic community several years in Germany. Christianity has it's problem with an open dealing of sexuality, too: The pope still does not want support birth control, and some conservative Christians in America (like George W.) think that it is better to tell their children nothing about sex and tell them to wait until they got married.
But the global values have already changed. If you watch movies/videos on MTV, or listen to the lyrics of pop songs, you'll see that the global society already has changed, and many people deal with sexuality really open. This is the struggle Malaysia got itself in - it wants global competitiveness but I got the feeling that this has a great influence on the society, too. This is the really interesting thing you can see in the Malaysian Blogging-scene people are talking about sensitive topics. I found this article about abortion surfing the blogger portal Petaling street today. This really brought me to some thinking.. 

..thinking. Didn't manage it to get my point clear on that topic. I don't disrespect values people believing in a religion! But I think in a globalized world with people of different religions and cultures working together a great openess is needed. If you want your values respected, you need to respect values of other peoples, too - even if they are not according to your views. And there I see the problem right now, right here in Malaysia.

Snake Soup for lunch

Friday, June 17. 2005 LS Malaysia

Albert and me and our lunchToday I didn’t go out for lunch somewhere to one of the places in Damansara Phileo area, like usually, but Albert took me out to some Chinese place in Jalan 16/38. And in fact we didn’t have only a lot of pork on our list to eat, but also some delicious snake soup.

Me eating snake soupSnake soup might sound a little misleading, in fact only the skin of snake is used for the soup, to give it its taste. Albert can probably comment a little more  on that issue. The soup was not to expensive and i can recommend to everybody, to have a try.

Seafood Dinner

Friday, May 20. 2005 LS Malaysia

We went out for our seafood dinner yesterday right after work. The restaurant, which Alison was so kind to chose, was in the area near Subang Airport, so we had to go there by car. We already had some fun meeting in front of CP-Tower and took some pictures there.

Ben eatingThe dinner was served like a traditional chinese meal for a group on a table with a disc in the middle, which can be rotated, so everybody can access the different foods. And we had plenty of different stuff... crabs, mussels, fish, squid, also some pork (or was it lamb) for Max who doesn't like seafood that much. Getting the flesh out of crabs can be quite difficult, so we got some nice tools, like a nutcracker and a hammer! Of course not only Ben managed it to get his place messed up a little.. This time we can honestly say we got the table looking like after a tsunami.

We also met Alison's father at the restaurant, who was so kind to buy us some beer! It was a very pleasant evening, and i'm already looking forward to the next seafood dinner :-)

Dim Sum

Thursday, May 5. 2005 LS Malaysia

Dim SumSomething local you can eat in Malaysia is Chinese Dim Sum. To have this kind of meal might even be easy for Europeans, since you get all the different tasty titbits presented, and then you only have to choose, what you want to keep on your table. Anyway it is far better to have someone local around who can actually tell you, what you are eating (and who knows the right words to shout to the waiter to get served). We went out to have Dim Sum in quite a big group, which makes it far more interesting, since you’ll eat more different kinds of food. I can’t recall all the different sorts we had – but of course I had to try some chicken feet again. Since there are many, many small plates, the table will look like after a tsunami, when you are done with your meal.
The beverage which belongs to the Dim Sum is Chinese tea. It is served in a pot, and you only have to order more water for another brew if it is empty. You also get a bucket with ice to cool the tea down.

Spare Part Soup

Thursday, April 21. 2005 LS Malaysia

Generally there is nothing special about spare part soup. – it only consists of so called “spare parts”, which are stomach, intestine or other innards. This may sound a little disgusting for Europeans who usually don’t eat those parts of a chicken, but it tastes real ok. The soup was eaten with rice and a sauce which contained quite an amount of garlic ;-) . I still prefer having some decent meat for a meal, but spare part soup is far from “uneatable”, like some of my German colleagues call it.

UPDATE: Managed to get at least all the pictures of the spare part lunch online. You can visit them here. For the lazy guys: This is the beginning of the lunch, during the meal (have a look at the lovely intestine on that photo), and after the meal.