Saturday, November 6. 2010

I will try to do some resturcturing here, to get at least some life back into my almost forgotten weblog. One reason to be back here is the need for a platform to present this years advent calendar to my wife. So there will be some content for her here. While I'm back here I will try to use the blog to keep a little journal about books I've read. Changes to be made for this: there will be "foreign language content". Articles about book will be in the language of the book, articles for my wife will be in German.

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Advent calender - 2 - New Header

Tuesday, December 2. 2008

So I got you a brand new header picture! I probably won't keep it too long, since I got plenty of material which would make decent header pictures. While visiting vlogeurope in Hungary I learned how easy it is to create panorama pictures using Photoshop and pictures taken with my EOS 40D, so I have experimented a little with this possibility. As a result you can see a few pictures here on flickr. The current header picture was taken at a boat tour in Copenhagen.

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New Header Picture - Staffelberg

Thursday, September 25. 2008

My non RSS-readers may have already noticed the new header picture: It's a view onto the Staffelberg, taken in the evening sun, with the moon in the picture. Also have a look at my older blog header pictures!

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Monday, May 12. 2008

pacific coast

Sorry, for the German title and attached German song, but sometimes I can't avoid to bring content in my native language ;-) I've got us a new header picture yesterday night. It shows the Pacific coast of the US taken from scenic road #1 somewhere south of Monterey. The day it was taken was one of the last hot summerdays I've had in my US holidays. Afterwards, the weather became colder.

Got to admit, that I missed the great wheather, for a while, although the skiing holiday one week later was equal fun. Guess I can't decide, whether I'm a summer or a winter guy. But well - do I have to? At the moment I really enjoy the summery wheather. But for the days the weather won't be so nice, I've attached the video!

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New sidebar item: Twitter

Sunday, May 4. 2008

Attending last year’s vlogeurope conference, some friends there invited me to join Twitter, which is a micro-blogging community. More or less it is just a very limited RSS feed you get from twitter – limiting postings even beyond SMS size to 140 letters. So just another format for self expression – limit what you are doing or thinking to 140 letter. Since the introduction of Twitter a lot of online communities like StudiVZ and Facebook integrated their own micro-blogging tool, giving their users the opportunity to micro blog what they are doing, but none of them so far offers as many compatibility options like Twitter. Currently my new blog posts become announced on Twitter using Twitterfeed, and all my twitter postings also appear in my Facebook account. All my twits, or however you my call this micro blog entries are also displayed in my sidebar.

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Performance issues continued

Saturday, May 3. 2008

Hopefully I managed to resolve the ridiculous performance issues now. I've checked my installed event plugins one by one, and found out, that the CSS browser compatibility plugin, the statistics plugin and the Gravatar plugin had a bad influence onto the blog loading times. I deactivated those, and now the site opens a lot faster.

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Blog performance issues

Sunday, April 13. 2008

Currently I'm desperately seeking for the reason of the pretty slow page reproduction of my weblog. It takes about 7 seconds before the page finally begins to load. I moved to a faster server, but almost no improvement. It seems to be a database issue. But somehow I can't get the s9y debugging tool to work properly..

Update: I discovered a problem with a wrong set file path in my css and therefore could optimized the page a little, since loading the style sheet took quite long. But the DB problem persists :-(

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New Blog Plugin: Favatar/Gravatar

Saturday, November 10. 2007

Although the service and the according s9y-plugin exist for quite some time, it took me until today to include it into my Weblog. It is a simple tool, which tries to allocate avatar pictures to comments. There are two methods to accomplish that. First it looks up, whether an avatar icon for the given email address is stored in the Gravatar database. If it is not successful there, it checks the given homepage URL for a favicon. Since the service is free and there are quite some pages using it, I would like to encourage all comment writers to register at

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