Hitting the road to Berlin

Tuesday, July 4. 2006

For the next days I'll be blogging most of my stuff here.

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BERLIN, BERLIN, ich fahre nach BERLIN!

Wednesday, June 28. 2006

weallspeakfootball.comReaders of Jan’s Blog know that he is quite a football maniac. So it was not unexpected, that he took part in the Weallspeakfootball.com project. Reading his latest posts it is obvious, that he had some real fun in Berlin! After reading about the weallspeakfootball-project I decided to send an application to participate – Today I received a confirmation that I’m invited to join from July 4th to July 7th. Now I'm really looking forward to some interesting and probably stimulating days in Berlin.

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Back from Salzburg / Munich

Friday, May 26. 2006

Salburg castleI returned late yesterday night, were I visited my friends Tom and To after visiting the Edumedia 2006 conference in Salzburg. Unluckily I didn’t make it to start digesting the conference and my impressions yesterday. First I had to overcome the shock that my favourite basketball team didn’t make it into the playoff finals this year, then I decided to consume the season final of Twenty-Four. Right now I have already sorted through two picture sets for my private gallery. The first set contains pictures taken directly from the conference, which I will us later for a short summary on thoughts I had about the different topics. The second (the best shots are already available on flickr) contains pictures of our little sightseeing tour we had after the conference.

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On the road

Monday, May 22. 2006

Seems like my planings for this week are finally finished. Tomorrow, I'll be at the Social Skills durch Social Software conference, where I will probably meet him, and stay here.

On Wednesday I'll move on to Munich to meet up with Tom. I'll stay at Tom's place from Wednesday to Thursday, and probably at To's place whom I'm also going to meet from Thursday to Friday.

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Laax 2006 – Day 6 – Sea of clouds

Tuesday, May 2. 2006

Over the mountainsGetting up this morning was a little harder.. some of us who celebrated up into the morning didn’t make it at all… The weather didn’t seem to be very promising. Very cloudy.. but we were actually inside the clouds. So we targeted some higher points of the skiing area, with the hope the weather would be better there. I still remember us sitting at the La Siala chair lift, and suddenly we were in bright sunshine above the clouds! You are enjoying this few for quite a while now – it is my current header picture (which will be replaced very soon by something more adequate for springtime).

Break!We then took the fastest way over to the Vorab-Glacier. Up there we had the same beautiful view over the mountains (not without taking a few impressive photographs on the way). Since the slope down there was still halfway stuck into clouds we had a long break (I think I stayed almost three hours there;)) on the top of the Vorab. Since we were quite well equipped with all kind of stuff, we didn’t miss a thing up there. We had beer, music played out of our mobile phones, lunch out of our lunch boxes, sweets, and we had our lovely group which was also good for some snowy action. Luckily I was the photographer, and so no snow was rubbed in my face. Our birthday child who was a little late this day did get a special treatment… It was also a great pleasure to have Christian and Bianca joining us up there!

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Laax 2006 – Day 5 – Cloudy Morning / Martin’s Birtday

Saturday, April 29. 2006

sunshineIt was one of the very few days, when there was bad weather in the morning. We got up and were a little disappointed because the lack of sunshine. So we had our lunch inside at the Berghaus Nagens. But since the sun didn’t have a chance to melt the snow we had real good conditions on the piste. In the afternoon it the clouds faded away a little bit and we got at least some sunshine.

Party!But the spectacular issue on this day was of course the party for Martin’s birthday on the following day. I got to admit, that I for myself spent quite a lot of time away from our main group at the kitchen, but inside the main room the party was already growing. Finally at midnight Martin got his birthday cake and everyone was up congratulating him. But of course this was not the end of both party and evening. While at the main room some of us went for a little dance we got some scientific findings on different shoe sizes at the kitchen. Also some of the equipment was tested for its durability.

Btw, did you that Austrians found out that woolly hats have a better durability than regular ski helmets? They threw both a woolly hat and a ski helmet down a big bridge. At the bottom they noticed that the ski helmet was broken – while the woolly hat was unharmed!

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Laax 2006 – Day 4 - It's a bright sunshiny day

Tuesday, April 18. 2006

After a good rest, the start into our third day on the piste was very smooth, once again Jack Johnson’s Upside Down accompanied us on our way to Laax, and because of the bright sunshine we started our way into the mountains with a very good mood. After reaching the first mountain top we took a few very good and funny shots. Taking the slope down to Plaun we had a little break, and my mood was a little darkened. A friend from university called me, to tell me that results would be available online. So I would be tempted to look them up… After entering the area of Nagens/Mutta we found a really nice block slope, and Markus and I separated from the rest of the group to do our runs a little faster. What a pleasure to take the slope without a stop!.

We then decided to head for Alp Ruschein to have lunch break there once more. Since the glacier was open we took the long run down to Alp Ruschein. Down there we had our lunch and some beer and it was really relaxed once more. Our boarder friends were not up to such a long break like Annika, Markus and I did, so we were on our own for the last downhill runs. At the Crap Sogn Gion we missed the others, since we had some beers at the terrace upside the closed Rockbar. So we had to take the last downhill run alone. Markus and Annika were not too pleased, since the warm weather had transformed most of the snow into a slushy mass.

In the evening we went for some diversion and watched a movie. Unluckily I already knew “I, Robot” and since I prefer the original story by Isaac Assimov, I spend the time in the kitchen having a few beers. I don’t recall how late it was, when I went to bed, but I was the last one to cuddle into his sleeping bag in my room at that night.

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Laax 2006 – Day 3

Saturday, April 15. 2006

on the slopeThe first thing that comes into my mind remembering day two would be “nothing special” but thinking a little deeper there are still a few issues to write a review about:
For the start we headed down to a T-bar lift and afterwards had a long slope down to Plaun. At this run all of the skiing pictures at the image series were shot by Paul. Down at Plaun we waited for Stefan, whose board was accidentally left at the quarters. While waiting there Berit and Lulu had a little snow fight ;-) The weather was cloudy at the morning but it cleared up after noon and I decided to wear a woolly hat in order to protect my ears from the sun.

wicker sea chairFor our Apres Ski unluckily the rock bar was closed. But at least this gave us the chance to occupy the wicker beach chairs for a rest. Before returning home to our quarters we took a small detour and visited a local super market. Markus and me got us some supplies for the next days, in case that the Rock bar would also be closed. There is nothing spectacular to report about the evening. Tired of the preceding days I went to bed at around 11pm.

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