Dedicated to the one i love

Thursday, July 23. 2009

I'll have this blog post sticky here, until it gets decrypted :-) It is a rather simple cipher. Kandinskyresque you could say. Only that it is not black and white and black and white, but black and red and black and red. Full blubbs now behind the break.

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Vlogeurope inviting Videobloggers to participate

Wednesday, September 24. 2008

Hi everyone -

We're a little under one month out from the 4th Vlog Europe in Budapest on October 18-19, and I'm sending this note out to let you know we'd love for you to come. And if you know of anyone who would be interested in coming, please forward this mail or have them contact me for details. We'd be especially grateful if anyone has any contacts in Hungary.

This year, we've rented out the entire Loft Hostel in Budapest (, and the stay will be free for up to 18 people. We have several who have opted to stay off-site, so there are several slots available in the hostel and things can be kept quite cheap and cheerful for those who need to do so.

Instead of formal sessions this year, we've decided to have a two-day free flow "Vlog-In" in which the participants create the flow and content of the weekend moment by moment. The hostel has large common spaces including a large-screen television for screenings, making this the perfect environment for this style of meetup.

Every year has been heaps of fun, and we're always looking to grow and diversify. Drop me ( ) an e-mail if you have any questions, and consult for the latest news. We look forward to seeing you there.


I will be joining this event. But I think, there is still room for a lot of more participants. If you are interested in information about last years conference feel free to contact me.

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9th SysAdminDay

Friday, July 25. 2008

Virtual FlowersSince I forgot to write my thanks last year, the least I can do know is to write "thank you, thank you, thank you my dear SysAdmin!" this year. I've also browsed through this list of potential gifts, and will do my very best to get you a cradle of your loved Strongbow ale. Also have a fresh copy of the virtual flowers I did already send to you in 2006! I also hope you you'll get many many more presents! The friendly reminder on might help other people to keep up with this event today.

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Euro2008 - Final - Crossing the fingers for our team!

Sunday, June 29. 2008

Well, this year it took me until today to finally utter a word about the Euro2008 in my blog. I realize that I blogged far more about the soccer world cup two years ago. Paule already mentioned in her blog, that there is far less a hassle about the Euro2008 in blogs than it was about the world cup two years ago. Just a few words to that issue from my perspective.

Somehow the Euro2008 was not too much of a reason to blog. Although I've gathered media to blog (see the attached video and check out the pictures series after winning the semi-final), I didn't manage to put it on yet. I also only used mobile blogging via Twinkle to, to comment live. So no real visible content here. On my side easy to find reasons for my behaviour. First of all I've visited two festivals within the time of the Euro2008, which quite drew some of my attention, secondly I preferred to spend the rest of the time with my girlfriend rather then to blog.

But our team still made it! We are facing Spain in the final now. I'm crossing my fingers for their win, and I am hoping for another great celebration!

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The 80th Academy Awards – Impressions

Monday, February 25. 2008

For cineasts around the world, tonight was the night. Since I didn’t have to work this morning I took the chance and started watching the show broadcasted through Pro7. The red carpet show produced by Pro7 themselves really impressed me. The reporter was well informed and got a lot of interesting stars to short interviews. Of course the format only allows some small talk but I wouldn’t consider it as too shallow. Unluckily Pro7 didn’t continue until the show started, but got the last 30 minutes of the red carpet show from ABC. ABC broadcasting the whole event of course had several correspondents all around the venue and did good work in cutting from one to another.

The American Comedian John Stewart has been hosting the show, and continued the vivid impression with an interesting opening speech including some elements about the author’s strike and the presidential election campaign. But after he was done the award went to a tiresome trot. Since the format has been really restricted through the last years, there was no way out of this. Mentioning restrictions I’m talking about the rigid time restrictions for winners to say there thanks (after a certain amount of time music will be played, which becomes louder after another while), also censoring aspects (after some political statements in the past, a winner mentioning something in this direction would have been muted). Also due to the time restriction the interaction between the person handing over the award, and the winner was limited to a short handshake, or greeting kisses. So banalities like Spanish actor Javier Bardem (He won the award “Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role” for “No country for Old Men”) saying some thanks in Spanish grew to something special. I really was missing something special about the award show. The music performances taken from one of the nominated soundtracks really bored me and there were no big surprises on nominees and winners. Although I got to admit, that I support the view of the SPON article, I really would have loved to see Ellen Page winning the award fot “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role”, she did really, really a terrific job playing Juno. To see an overview of winners and nominees, I suggest to visit Imdb's Oscar-Page.

I think the Academy Awards are a good example, that a show targeting a large audience, and trying to meet the requirements for different groups in such an audience is hard to assemble. For me this requirements matching has been overachieved by the creators. I feel like years ago the Academy Awards where more targeted to this cineastic community of the academy. Dominated by progressive people the show has already been good for some surprises. But at the moment my impression is, that the show matching too many requirements became pabulum. Sad, sad.

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Upcoming DJ gig: Wednesday, Nov. 28th –

Monday, November 5. 2007

DJ CatMark that above date in your calendar. I’ll be your serving DJ on that date at the morph club in Bamberg, entertaining students with my wide repertoire of tunes. Of course all my readers are invited to come, and to influence the party by posting song requests here. I’ve already gathered some interesting new tracks but I am still open for more input. So far definitely on my playlist:

Rihanna – Shut up and drive
Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls
F&K – Die mit dem roten Halsband
Fedde le Grand – Put your hands up for Detroit
Klaxons – Atlantis to interzone
Die Fantastischen Vier - Fornika Ichisichisichisich
Texta ft. Attwenger - (So schnoe kaust gor net) schaun
Fall Out Boy - This Aint A Scene Its An Arms Race
Beatstakes – Jane became insane
Art Brut – My little Brother

I’m also still searching for a place to sleep. You can put your offers in this thread, or contact me via mail (See “about” if you don’t have the address).

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Sandkerwa pictures – Part 2

Saturday, October 27. 2007

Guess, since I already titled a post about Sandkerwa picures as “Part 1” I should come up with the second part. In fact, those pictures are already online in my image gallery for quite some while, but I didn’t find the time to reflect on them. I want to use this post to show you life on the Sandkerwa besides the one you already could see in my previous post.

ThursdayThursday before I threw myself into the “big action” at the Haas Säle, I had the chance to meet my friend Michael and his fiancé Christina at the Stilbruch pub. Somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of Christina, though :-(.

FridayFriday I met DJ Funboy at his venue and afterwards had a nice stroll throughout the festical area. we had a great Netzwerk e.V. get together at the Sodabar, afterwards all of us were partying at the Haas Säle.

SaturdaySaturday I first chilled having a few bears sitting at a window at the Sodabar and later spent quite some time at the Katzenberg with my friends Thomas, Sabine and Fabian. Following Fabian's initiative I had a look at the new opened club "U" but later on ended up at the cm-club.

City Cafe BeachMy Sunday afternoon was spoiled by an endless presentation and I couldn't make it to the blogger meeting in time. But since Jan was playing his lounge music up into the evening I still had the chance to enjoy his music for a few hours at the Sodabar. After taking concert pictures of the Los Chicolores at the Haas Säle I met Katrin and Martin in the streets, and had some drinks outside. Our evening ended at the City cafe.

On Monday I planned to take it easy, but a few friends took me to the "U" club after I finished my picture session at the Haas Säle, and chatting with old friends I stayed there for quite a while.

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Discussion on 'no comment' at vlogeurope

Saturday, September 1. 2007

Click for full size image On the picture you can see bicyclemark talking about the "no comment" foramt, which is shown on Euronews. It's videos of a newsfeed - but without any comments - up to the user to interpret it.

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