Conference pictures online

Tuesday, September 25. 2007

dnn2007I managed to sort through all of those pictures I took at the "Das Neue Netz" conference. To achieve a higher level of networking I posted all of them on Flickr, but I prefer having them sorted a little more in my very own gallery. Unluckily it seems that I took an overwhelming mass of pictures. So far only a few more pictures with the conference tag "dnn2007" appeared on Flickr.

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Workshop "The New Net"

Thursday, September 20. 2007

Starting tomorrow with a get-together at the Klosterbräu brewery, I will attend a Workshop about further developments of the internet in Bamberg. Since the workshop is about new movements in the web, of course current web technologies are used to support it. You can have a look at the workshop weblog or even use the workshop wiki. Using the conference tag "dnn2007" pictures taken can be found at Flickr, articles related to the workshop can be discovered via technorati, and also related links via

The program is very promising, and I’m looking forward to interesting discussions.

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Finally – expelled!

Saturday, July 14. 2007

graduationIt took some time to realize, but it was inevitable. Last week my beloved alma mater finally got rid of me - by granting me my second diploma. So you might want to call me “Herr Diplom-Handelslehrer” now ;-) (be invited to have a look at the image gallery from my graduation). But I’m not planning to work this profession. While studying I noticed, that teaching people IT contents is a interesting demanding challenge, but I definitely am not up to do this as an underpaid teacher in a school. The necessary additional probationary training period, which you have to go through if you want to teach in a school, is not acceptable in my opinion.

So it’s back to my roots! I’m glad that I never lost track of my IT background and even developed it. Since I consider myself an expert dealing with web 2.0 concepts and technologies I’ll try to get a job in this field. I hope I can present results of my efforts here, soon :-)

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Information Systems graduates from Bamberg are very popular amongst employers

Monday, December 4. 2006

A recent article of the newspaper "Die Welt" cites a survey from early 2005, where human ressources managers where asked for there favorite Information Systems graduates - graduates from Bamberg made it to rank three here. Quite impressive! The newspaper made an interview with Prof. Ferstl about the subject, read it here.
Information systems graduates are quite popular, anyway. I've talked to a friend who works with Delloite Switzerland and she told me about here recent visit of a graduates convention in Cologne, to which she was sent in order to get some graduates for Switzerland. So if your almost done with your studies and need a contact to Deloitte Switzerland - just ask me.

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Spar ma uns die Bildung!

Friday, December 1. 2006

I discovered another interesting video-snippet in my archive, it's part of a song performed by Alfi Zanklgruber at a demonstration against tuition fees in 2003. If someone is interested in that song - I should have the CD somewhere around.

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Sports reloaded - training for the spine

Thursday, October 26. 2006

This semester I’m having professional help to spice up my sportive live! I’m taking a course translated “preventive training for the back”! Yesterday was the first lesson I could attend, and I got really delighted. There were no boring exercises but an always smiling coach and some other thirty (!) students (the majority of them female) and a lot of general fitness exercises. It started like a classical sports lesson in school – warming up by running through the gym and making fancy moves with your limbs. Later we had exercises for the general fitness and especially for the stomach and back muscles- first while standing, later sitting. I couldn’t believe how fast the 60 minutes passed. Now I wonder why I didn’t take such an course earlier in my student life – it felt so rejuvenating!

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Nuts on ice

Monday, August 21. 2006

Once up on a time, there was a little student who was very active in working for the students’ council representatives, but then he had some disputes with his friends, and was no longer supported by his group. So it was decided to start a new group.

This is no fairy tale, but the background why Philipp an I had founded NUTS (NUTS is an acronym for “Neues Unabhängiges Team für Studierende” – which translates “New independent team for students”) back in 2003. Asking a few friends for their participation we managed to set up a list with six people running for the elections. And our Team was successful – we managed to gain the targeted seat at the Fachschaft SoWi. Unluckily we couldn't keep up our efforts, and after one and a half year NUTS was no longer needed.

So was the the web-page, and consequently I abandoned the related domain. But I archived the old Web-Site (formerly here.

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Portrait of the University of Bamberg available for download

Monday, July 31. 2006

About a year ago the Bavarian TV produced a little documentation about our university. This documentation has been broadcasted a few weeks ago, and now the press office of your university made it available for free download. I suggest not to download the .ogg Version since the compression is kinda crappy..

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