My 2009 in facebook status messages

Friday, January 8. 2010

Just some neat picture I acquired through some facebook app:

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Last chance to see

Monday, October 19. 2009

Douglas Adam's "Last chance to see" is one of my favorite books. Last week I found the following video. It is about one of the animals covered in the book and it is hilarious!

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Golden Classic: River crossing game

Tuesday, July 21. 2009

This attached flash games is a classic river crossing puzzle, since the swf is in some asian language, here are the rules:

  • the raft only carries two people

  • the raft may only be steered by father, mother and police officer

  • the thug mustn't be left alone with a member of the family without the police officer

  • the mother mustn't be alone with one (or two) of the sons without the father

  • the father mustn't be alone with one (or two) of the daughters without the mother

Can you help the crowd to cross the river?

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Nobody is going to...

Saturday, April 25. 2009

... vote for the social democratic party

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Radio advertisment with black humor

Tuesday, March 24. 2009


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Mach den Obi

Tuesday, February 17. 2009

I wonder whether the artist got sponsoring money to include moves to this song which imitates a beaver biting into wood and calling it "do the obi", where obi is a home improvement store chain, using a beaver as their maskot...

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Changing your relationship status may lead to...

Monday, January 26. 2009

You'd better be careful with your relationship status displayed in online communitys: A British woman was killed after changing her status on facebook! Read more here.

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Free books about Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, January 20. 2009

Just recieved the very interesting link to a collection of free publications covering topics about "Social Media Marketing". Some require registration at different pages, but might be worth the hassle. Any volunteers to download and compile an archive?

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