Freak City

Freak CityMy friends are already writing about one of the important events happening in Bamberg right now, and so do I. It’s the end of the basketball season, and the team from Bamberg – GHP Bamberg, made it into the play off finals for a third time in a row. This is happening also the team comes from a region, which can’t provide the huge funding other premiere league teams like Alba Berlin, or their opponent in the finals the Opel Skyliners, get. But hiring the German national coach and showing great team spirit the Team is capable of achieving a lot. This is honored by the public in Bamberg and everyone is really mad about their team! Because of that the city changes to a Freak city during the play-offs. Getting tickets for the games in Bamberg is almost impossible unless you cue up during the whole night, if the sale opens the next morning, and the games are broadcasted all over the city. Unfortunately I can’t really take place in this years basketball-mania. The games are always in the middle of the night, and It’s impossible to find a TV Station that would broadcast the game here in Malaysia. Without internet at home, I can’t use the live scoring, or the radio Bamberg Web-radio broadcasting, either. So all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and see what happened the next morning. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the game on Sunday. Go Bamberg Go!



    My English readers will ask what’s that all about here. I can only refer to my article about Freak City. The Team of Bamberg won the German basketball championship and so has the whole region. The fans who have been of some real support


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