Tour to the OGA2005

“The 10th Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition” was the target of yesterdays field trip I did with my colleague Juliane. Since Albert didn’t feel to well he didn’t join us, and we could not go by car. That meant taxis to Asia Jaya, and then LRT to KLCC. Since the weather was really nice, I took some pictures on our way to KLCC. The Exhibition Center of KLCC is not as big as I expected it. Although the floor plan said, that there would be 5 exhibition halls occupied by the OGA, it in fact were only two halls each the size of a exhibition hall of the Hannover exhibition. Although I’d expected it to be bigger, there were a lot of interesting companies attending. You wouldn’t believe what equipment is needed on offshore oil platforms. From an earlier market research I knew that there were quite a few forms of different platforms, but seeing models of them in real was quite interesting. (For anyone interested, there are Immobile Platforms, Semi-submersible Platforms, Jack-up Platforms, Ship-board Rigs and Tension-leg Platforms.) Those different types are used according to the source where the oil/gas is located and to the amount of oil that is expected to be there. Of course Siemens attained the exhibition, too demonstrating the full scale know-how related to oil production.

I found it quite interesting to see, that Fuji-Xerox offers a optimized CMS (content management system) for oil platforms. Although from my impression it was more a DMS (document management system), since the showed process where mostly document driven. Seems like every part of the industry needs to develop into adjacent business field, while there is already useful know-how, and the business field is emerging. 

On our way home I took the chance to get a few more pictures of the twin towers. Unfortunately I left my camera and the pictures at home today.. So you will have to wait until tomorrow for me to get them online.


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