Coffee, Coffee, coffee

Searching for info about a new bean to cup coffee maker stumbled upon, which is a weblog about coffee. Since I didn't post any memes recently I thought I'd answer the questions of the blogs Christmas prize draw here:

  • Does contemplativeness and coffee-to-go mix? Or would you rather drink coffee in the coffeehouse?
    For contemplativeness I'd rather enjoy a coffee at the coffeehouse - but since those seem to be so busy lately, I think the best way is to have a coffee at home, without any crowds.

  • Do you grant yourself some special coffee for christmas (with flavour or gourmet coffee)?
    Visting *bux or McCafe I might get something flavoured. But at home I don't fancy flavor too much.

  • Which coffee is your favorite (type/brand)?
    At the moment it is Grano de café. I'm not sure whether you can determine a roasting facility here. But you can get the coffee at Hofer in Austria - 3,29EUR for a whole Kilo of beans!

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