Batu Caves

Since the trip to the FRIM didn’t take too long last Sunday, we decided to give the Batu Caves a short visit. Those are a series of linked caves in the north of KL. Those caves contain a few Hindu temples, and are somehow holy to them. After doing a little climbing at FRIM, the steps up to the caves were no real problem. Also I wished I had chosen to get a cool drink and not as ice cream cone as food supply for the way up. Fighting with the camera and the ice cream I had problems to catch up with Dirk and Voj on the way up. I hoped to catch a few pictures of monkeys which were supposed to hang around at the caves, but somehow I couldn’t see a single one. Anyway, the caves are imho not very spectacular, but nice to see, and most probably even nicer if you are more interested in Hindu religion than me.


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  1. Conny says:

    *You didn't see any monkeys? Lucky you! When I went there there were loads! And some ppl were even dragging a poor cow up the stairs.

    Did I tell you that I had a pack of chips got stolen by a monkey on Langkawi? I was just about to put it into my bag cos I knew they'd be interested in it, when an old monkey jumped at me, grabbed the pack and disappeared. Scared the hell out of me, plus I was seriously starving. F°°°er!

    Cheerio from Bamberg

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *And I thought cows are holy to the Hindu.. So why treat them like this.. Well, I'll probably have to go there again, when I get some friends visiting me here. Lets see, what happens then.

    Oh, yeah, now i recall that it was you, who told me that story of beeing attacked by a monkey which was in search for food. Starving is really bad.. I think I should go for some breakfast..

    Greetings from South-East


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