FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia)

On our way to the TrailInterested in experiencing a little nature in Malaysia? Then the Forest Research Institute is the place to go. What you can get there is a lot of information in rainforest, a little experience of the rainforest, or just a good place for a hike. There are several hiking trails around the park area, where you can see people not only hiking, but jogging and cycling. This trails lead through the rainforest, but the forest we saw there didn’t have much difference to a dense European forest.

Canopy walkwayA definite highlight is of the park is the canopy walk, which is a walkway through the treetops. It’s only about 50 meters long but probably a adventures experience if you are on the walkway, which is only about 10 inches in width. I had to write “probably” because we were arrived at the FRIM a little late to get a chance to go for this attraction. But climbing up the hill was also an adventure and quite tiring. (Since I had not have the chance for some lunch I was lacking some energy). Anyway, we had quite some fun on our almost two hours lasting walk. Our fear that we would be bothered by a shitload of mosquitos was not confirmed. The only nerve-wracking thing on the walk were some locals on their mopeds who continously disturbed the silence.


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