Bye. Bye. Bamberg.

Two more nights - that's all that's left. Right? today I had a kind of sad experience in leaving my flat in Bamberg - it was no longer a real flat, but more a big storage room. So finally I got to cope with the thought that Bamberg, which was my center of life for quite some time (like 10 years now) is no longer in fast reach..

Anyway. The new flat is great! Might post about it next.

P.S. To all my readers: If you are bored this Sunday afternoon, helping hands for loading the truck in Bamberg are appreciated!

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  1. bee says:

    *Wo gehts denn hin?

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Seukendorf. Jetzt bemüh mal Google Maps ;-)

  3. bee says:

    *Middelfrangen! (Stadtplandienst tuts auch, bin nich so der große Freund von google maps)

  4. Marc says:

    *Seukendorf, da klang Bamberg aber schöner :-)
    Klingt ja schon wie Seuche, hehe...
    Naja, dann aber mal viel Glück in der neuen Heimat!

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