Changing blogging habits

No one yet complained about the declining blogging frequency here – but I can’t deny, postings here have become fewer and fewer during the last months. I can see several reasons for this change.

First of all I don’t have a fast internet connection for most of the time. My girlfriend has no DSL and my mobile connection kinda sucks. UMTS comes and goes here. Last week o2 has introduced EDGE here in Bamberg and it is working quite well, but 15-25 kbyte/sec are bad bad bad :-(.

I’m putting content online, but not onto my blog here. My image gallery is still growing with pictures from the most different events, and I’m still taking pictures for But I didn’t take the time to write postings here commenting on those events and linking the pictures. Also instead of putting together travel information, I’ve created articles on Qype commenting on restaurants/hotels/sights there.

And last but not least I just don’t have any boring evenings anymore, where I can’t find a better anything more interesting to do, then to blog.

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  1. mac says:

    *Try to get her blogging, too. Maybe that works. Otherwise just relax. Time will come that she is learning for exams..
    Is there any plugin for Qype, like automatic posts with your articles linked?

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I'll rather have my girlfriend learning, than blogging. But finally getting my new computer next week might help too. This way we can watch a movie on the old notebook in the evening, and I can use the new one to blog :-) At the moment I can't do too much in the evening since my computer always gets blocked in order to get some entertainment.

    There is a feature in qype supporting cross posting of articles to various blogs. I currently use this feature to get my postings there exported to twitter. Unluckily The XMLRPC API S9Y uses is not supported by qype (yet?), so I can't get the postings from there to here. But it would be a little pointless anyway, since I currently do most of my postings on qype in German, and the language of is English...

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