Canon 400D - my obituary

Almost four weeks ago I sold my good "old" Canon EOS 400D. I had bought it in June 2007 out of two reasons. Number one I was in need of a functioning camera to shoot pictures at the Southside Festival (the flash of my 350D was dysfunctional since it was exposed to too much water). Number two due to Canon cashback it was just damn cheap (560EUR incl. 18-55mm EF-S Kit Lens). From the beginning I liked the Camera because of the bigger display 2,5" in comparison to the 1,8" of my 350D. Also I could show off more by shooting pictures with 10 mega pixels. It had one downside, though: The built in flash. At least my model had a bigger reload time than the 350D. After shooting a few pictures using flash it would stop for about a minute to reload the flash - pretty annoying if you want to make a huge amount of pictures at some party. The message board helped me to sell the camera for 350 EUR, so my net loss for shooting about 15000 pictures was 300EUR roughly 2cent/picture. Well. Only about 1/5th of this pictures made it online - so it's 10cent/picture. But it's a hobby so I probably shouldn't waste too much thought into costs. Especially since I re-invested the money into a brand new EOS 40D. But that is a different story. In order to make this obituary worthwhile to read, I've added ten of the best pictures I've shot with the 400D.

Crowd at Placebo performance at the Southside Festival 2007
Groove Armada performance at Frequency Festival 2007
Freak City!
Firework over Old bridge Heidelberg
Performance at Stockholm - Helsinki Cruise
Benjamin von Stuckrad Barre in Bamberg
Oda @ Bad Taste Party
Berit @ Laax
Seagull @ Highway #1
Golden Gate Bridge

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  1. kaj says:

    *very nice pictures, especially that of good old AnnaBelle at Sto-Hel :-D and still sad that i saw your camera offer too late :-(

    ps. still waiting for rolands feedback about october. still interested though?

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Unluckily I can't join you, since my 10 year A-Level get together takes place on the 4th of october :-(

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