Euro2008 - Final - Crossing the fingers for our team!

Well, this year it took me until today to finally utter a word about the Euro2008 in my blog. I realize that I blogged far more about the soccer world cup two years ago. Paule already mentioned in her blog, that there is far less a hassle about the Euro2008 in blogs than it was about the world cup two years ago. Just a few words to that issue from my perspective.

Somehow the Euro2008 was not too much of a reason to blog. Although I've gathered media to blog (see the attached video and check out the pictures series after winning the semi-final), I didn't manage to put it on yet. I also only used mobile blogging via Twinkle to, to comment live. So no real visible content here. On my side easy to find reasons for my behaviour. First of all I've visited two festivals within the time of the Euro2008, which quite drew some of my attention, secondly I preferred to spend the rest of the time with my girlfriend rather then to blog.

But our team still made it! We are facing Spain in the final now. I'm crossing my fingers for their win, and I am hoping for another great celebration!

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  1. mac says:

    *I suppose, that it's not the same feeling... Not that kinda teamspirit that took place at the world cup. Neither at the team itself, nor on the fans. Perhaps we need some very bad results to have a great comeback ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well, we were not hosting the games.. probably we need another world cup in Germany to do the trick ;-)

  3. mac says:

    *Yeah! At this time we will sit in our wheelchairs and have a very big party :-D But I don't want to wait so long. So I hope for some bad results, some new players and a lot more teamspirit in 2010.

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