PPA Birthday celebration

PPA unpacking birthday presentFinally we made it and got out with PPA for some drinks, to celebrate her birthday. But unluckily it was the first day, when I had to work real overtime, too. There was a chat conference to attain, and later on there had to be some figures updated until a certain deadline. So I was commuting between Matrix and office.

Timetable of the evening:

  • work until 5:45pm
  • go to matrix until 6:30pm
  • set up and attain chat conference until 8:05pm
  • celebrate some more until 9:15pm
  • get the regional plan finished until 1:05am
  • wait for Albert to leave until 2am

Sitting at Matrix we had some great time, and it was really a pain to leave for work again.. But what has to be done, has to be done. Reminds me to my boss’s quote “Arbeit ist Arbeit und Schnapps ist Schnapps”, but it was a little annoying, that I had to spend all this time in office after 9:15pm only to fulfill three tasks which took me about 10 minutes each.


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