Why Facebook is sexier than StudiVZ

Guess most of the people studying abroad are just laughing about the functionality of the German social network "StudiVZ". Well - the makers are admirable. Offering only very simple functions and using a smart advertising campaign they managed to become market leader in Germany. But compared to their big competitor Facebook, their closed platform offers very limited creative potential for users.

For some of my friends Facebook meanwhile has become a kind of "myspace". ears ago peaopl clicked together an awful load of widgets and web snippets on their myspace accounts. Now they are enabled to do this using Facebook. Click-click last.fm profile linked, another click-click and there is the connection to this dating platform, click-click filled out the newest questionnaire about who-knows-what. Just easy to be a self-expressionist?

But beware, as easy it is to set the info online, as easy it is to follow such infos. Therefore everything you are doing can be monitored using this nice friends feed.

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