The Malaysian Ringtone Mania

Since commercials on MTV in Europe changed to a majority of ringtone-advertisements, with its own charts and even letting ringtones get into the Top100 Single charts in Germany. Like the stupid frog right now - you might think Germans or Europeans are mad about ringtones on their phones. But at least in Germany for me it appears that this is more a kids issue. Trapping many younger people into enormous cast - that there are even regulations for protection on its way. In Malaysia there are no advertisements like in Europe, but if you want to get a ringtone, you can buy it probably at some night market where are several stands who offer mobile phone services. You can easily get your phone cover changed their, or even get a software update. They will also send you newest ringtones or background pictures via MMS. So the people get their phones tuned here, too - but with lower costs since modifications like that won't cost too much (I could have gotten a brand new cover for MYR25). But what you wouldn't believe is that Malayan want to here their ringtones, too - even in office. So you get permanently annoyed buy someone’s phone ringing through the whole office. And don't expect someone to answer quickly, even if he's sitting next to his phone. I was told that we are quite lucky on our floor, since their is much free space - I don't want to imagine the noise pollution with twice the people working on our floor.


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