O2 "forces" customers into online billing

This morning I got a letter from O2 telling me, thay would change my bill to an online bill, unless I would object using an online form. O2 has been advertising its online billing services for month now, offering like 1EUR in bonus credits for a change to this more environment friendly option. Obviously this insignificant incentive didn't work, and so they are doing it by force now. But in my opinion they use unfair methods! The form to opt-out of the online billing option is not hosted on the main o2-server but on some extern ressource and is far from responsive. If you are trying to opt-out at the moment you won't be too succesful since it is overloaded.

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  1. Supergau says:

    *Well, as they keep sending me 0€-bills every month (of course for all my three contracts seperately) that does not astonish me at all.

  2. RetterDerWelt says:

    *Jürgen, I already told you several times that O2 isn't good for you! I'd know a better operator for you... :-)

  3. Supergau says:


    exactly, with our kraftwerk's business-contracts at t-mobile we have no problems at all ;-)

  4. RetterDerWelt says:


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