An unwanted visit to Washington Dulles

That was fun.. Well actually no, no fun at all. On todays itinerary for my visit to the states was a flight to Houston,Tx and a connection flight to our destination San Diego. Arriving comfortably two hours before our flight we already saw the mess on the departure screen: our flight was expected in Raleigh with a solid delay of 5 hours. No way we would get to San diego from Houston. After a 20 minutes wait we could finally talk to a service attandant. She was barely capable of handling the situation, and if it wasn't about Markus suggesting to check available flights with United, she would have sent us to LA instead of San Diego or booked a flight tomorrow noon :-( Anyway, we got booked to a United flight headed through Washington. Unluckily the departure of the first flight was only 40 minutes later. We had to change terminal, survive the United check-in go through security and reach the gate. Of course I was picked for a detailed screening this time.. When we hit the gate they were already waiting for us. So we mad it to the plane at last. Now we have had the chance to grab a bit and our flight to San Diego is still on time :-)


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  1. Supergau says:

    *Maybe they recognized you as a member of the Truppach-beer-squad, a highly dangerous group of Franconians. As we can see in the next picture, you finally made it in quite a relaxing position according to the picture.
    Btw.: You missed the first snowflakes from this year's X-Mas-Season ... as I said ... X-Mas is a little bit earlier this year. Maybe movin' to NewYork really would be an alternative.

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