Timeshift - Time Difference between Germany and Malaysia and its Reason

Some of you are still not aware in which time zone I life in Malaysia. And of course that issue has an easy and a difficult aspect. First of all it's GMT +8 hours here in Malaysia. But as GMT is the time in Greenwich/UK, you can't just add 8 hours to your time. The time zone in Germany is GMT+1, So you might think it is 7 hours difference - And that is almost correct. But only during winters time. Germany also follows the concept of DST, which uses an additional hour of offset during summertime to have more sun during daytime. BUt that is only necessary through the latitude of Germany. Since we are almost at the equator and the sun rises and falls relatively constant in Malaysia there is no need for DST here.
So your time offset form GMT is +2 right now, until October, and mine is +8, I will be 6 hours in front of Germany during my stay here. So if you get up at 6 in the morning its already lunch time for me. And if you want to call me noon is a pretty good time, because I will most likely have finished my working day by then (6pm in the evening here).


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  1. BrotZapfen says:

    *Yeah, you also can do -18h and add 1 day or see if you cann tell the future by looking on your watch!
    NO! telling that in 3 minutes will be a timeshift to right about now by 3 minutes isn't telling the future, just progressive alcohol abuse ;-)

    So if I call Jay @12p.m. there will be a difference about 30h... 24h (one day, you remmeber =P and 6 hours from Jays calculating above)

    And in 3 years it will be 7h 'cause of the existence of natural incorrectness and MadTV or just...

    ...because tree! Yeah a tree!
    Trees do funny things but they are evil cause they shift time and people...
    ...guess this is to heavy for ya ;-)

    H.A.N.D Garth and a v.n. weekend, without gettin' "lost in time"

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Wow. impressive calculations. Due to the lack of alcohol abuse on my side they are beyond my understanding. But nevermind. I'll try to play a game of MadTV when my brothers care paket arrives here in Malaysia.

    I'll try not to get lost in time. Also i'm thinking about buying several seasons of Quantum Leap. Going to be lost in time with Dr. Sam Beckett then.



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