Book meme

I found a nice meme on Fox's blog today. I consider it really nice, because it is so easy to answer:

  • take the nearest book with at least 123 pages
  • go to page 123
  • find the 5th sentence on this page
  • oost the next 3 sentences
  • refer this meme to five other bloggers

Beispile hierfür sind SADT (StructuredAnalysis and Design Technique) [Balz82] und SA (Strukturierte Analyse). SA wird in Abschnitt 5.3.1 behandelt.
Ein IS wird in SA als Mengevon Datenflüssen definiert, die durch Aktivitäten transformiert werden.

Now guess which book I'm quoting from *g*

I want to refer this meme to the Grützekraftwerk (long time no blog..), Vroni (easy one for you), Mac (hope the book leaves room for new gossip ;-)), Anima and last but not least Philipp (

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  1. Supergau says:

    *Well, thank you for trying to encourage an motivate us to writing more stuff ... well, we have some stories in the pipe, i.e. from our "Gruetzeschadbear", maybe I'll write a post when I'm in the office tomorrow!

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I hope to read from you soon :-)

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