Starwars - Revenge of the Siths

I already announced a review of the movie, so here I go. Since the Episodes 4-6 are out for quite a while, and 1-2 where the newly produced ones, there was only the connection one missing. As we are aware what happened in Episode 2 - the galactic republic (still a democracy) in war with some clones, and Anakin Skywalker as apprentice of Obiwan Kenobi, fighting for the benign Jedi order.
We also know the situation of "A new hope" - the rebellion and only few Jedi scattered all over the universe, fighting the galactic empire with its ruler General Palpatine and his right hand Darth Vader.
So the content of Episode Three is not very surprising. Palpatine overthrows the democracy in the republic, Anakin Skywalker turns evil, the Jedi order is betrayed and nearly extinguished. Only theh details how those events occur are unclear. And not only for a fan of the Star Wars movies it is worth watching how this happens. As expected the whole movie is a firework of special effects and you can get into the touch with the star wars universe. But the whole movie is stuffed with so many different aspects and information that there is not much space for the individual characters. From the point of acting i just can't believe Anakin turning bad, when you follow the dialogues. From my personal point of view the movie is also too fast, to dig into the fantastic impressions created by the special effects. I'll probably buy the DVD, which has already been pirated here in Malaysia to get a little deeper into the movie.

(Jay's Rating 4/5)

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  1. Anna says:

    *Just saw the movie on Friday and we had a vivid discussion about it at our after-party yesterday... In the end we agreed, that Anakin turning evil just goes too fast. All the details <u>do</u> of course add up, but it's just happening too quickly. Especially in the scene where he's doing the final step be rescueing Palpatine.... He just turns from "What have I done?" to "I'll do everything you want me to, master" in a second.
    But well, in the end, the had to fit it in this movie... Or they would have needed an Episode 3B. - That would have been an really unexpected ending then. ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *3B would have been an option.. Or there would probably something else to cut out.. But there is too much action which is important in the storyline.. That is the worst thing in producing this connections part.. I'd go for Episode 1-6 sometime, to see how everything adds together.

  3. Anna says:

    *1-6 might be a plan sometime... But for now:
    After watching 2+3 last Friday we already have the 4-6 marathon planned for next week. One week power to the Sith lord is clearly enough. We need the world to be good again by next weekend. :-)

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