How to keep Winamp's memory usage slim

Lately Winamp has really been giving me the creeps – additional of not being able to handle my media library in a efficiently way, it wouldn’t just load to play a single mp3 track, but would also load the whole library using up to 400MB if memory space and taking quite a while. It took me a while to figure out that it is not only necessary to select "Do not load the Media Library database at Winamp start-up" under "Options>Preferences>Media Library>Local Media>Options" but also to disable "Use library title information for Playlist Item Formatting". Amending this changes Winamp "only" uses up about 50MB of memory after start-up and is way faster.

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  1. Alf P. Steinbach says:


  2. yman says:

    *I'm using the new version of ( and, in my opinion, it has some new good features: remote music, video playback and Sharing, fully integrated Web browser and customizable links and access to almost 20,000 SHOUTcast Radio Stations.

  3. Alf P. Steinbach says:

    *Found this somewhere else, and it <strong>works</strong> but is manual:

    Minimizing WinAmp drops mem usage to 2-3 MB.

    Then it goes to up to say 7-8 MB when restored, and keeps going up but slowly. Minimizing fixes it again. And so on.

    WinAmp has evolved to be a real sh*tty piece of fatware.

    I think the main culprit is management (of course), but technically (1) that uses the IE rendering engine for HTML, and (2) that it seems it now uses garbage collection, which is a put-yer-head-in-the-sand ostrich technology for incompetents. Argh. But, I now minimize regularly...

  4. alex says:

    *Thanks dude, really works! now i can enjoy winamp without all the space.

  5. Ellixandria says:

    *idk if it gonna works, but thx anyway 4 d advice, and i agree wif Alf P. aboout winamp, hope they won't become like some shitty software out there, i love winamp sooo mmuch

  6. James says:

    *I use Winamp for my work. I normally use anywhere from 10-20 instances at once on a slave monitor to listen to live feeds from Radio Reference. This has always created an issue with my computer but I wonder what I can do to eliminate some of the problems that seem to be centered around RAM usage. Not being a very technical person regarding computers I depend on my builder for advice but he can't know everything. I will make the preference changes mentioned about and see what happens. I am running Windows 7 and Firefox.

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