Bargain vs. Usefulness

Up to buy a new Ipod? Additional mass storage? Or some beauty related present to your girlfriend? You might want to have a look at the shopping community. They sell a lot of those gadgets at decent prices. But there is more about this web page. It is called a “social shopping experience”, goods are offered at a certain starting price and the more people that click a certain link, the less expensive the product becomes – until it hits a certain minimum price. Of course you can buy the good at any time for the current price – but if you have chosen to lower the price, you will get a notification after the good reached its best price. I think this is quite a good concept to bring attention to offers. Once you are in the loop for a product, you might be likely to buy it.

I think this kind of shopping catches up with the old “Geiz ist geil”-idea (stinginess is cool) idea. People are tempted to buy products, because they are a real bargain – although they don’t really need them. In my opinion, you don’t just spend money for a good; you also pay for the shopping experience. Although you might get your 5th pair of headphones – you just get them, because you are one of those fast enough to catch the offer, or because the offer is just too good. So you spend the money to get the adrenaline kick of getting the good, and for the possibility to tell all your friends “I bought this great thing – it was half the regular price.” This might be exactly the problem within our consume-orientated affluent society. There is plenty and people are need guidance on their way through their plenteousness. Just cheap prices might not be the right guidance.

Nevertheless, I want to encourage you registering at, since those guys get me 2EUR off the next thing I’m going to order per newly registered member I referred. Although, should you oder something there within the next days, which are not those earphones, please contact me, to help saving shipping costs ;-)


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