Singapore hit and run trip

Originally typed on the train from .sg to KL 2005-06-01 14:58:

As I told before, I went to Singapore with the girls three weeks ago, but at that time HR didn't have my Letter of approval ready. So I had to do that on another time. I decided to do it, while my boss was on a leave anyway, so my absence at work wasn't a big problem. Since I already know Singapore I planed the hole thing as a hit and run thing. For my comfort I took the night train from KL Sentral to Singapore Yesterday. The train started at 22:30 and was said to arrive in Singapore at 0745. Quite a long time for a train - but if you can sleep in a nice cabin - no problem. Although the time was planned right. I would have no problem to make it to the Malaysian High council at their opening hours. But being punctual isn't a habit of the Malaysian railway, even if the travel time is already really long. So I arrived at Singapore at 09:30. At least I could convince the high commission authorities some 45 minutes later to get my visa done by 1200 o'clock to catch my return train. I collected the visa at 11:30 and could start my journey home. While waiting for the visa I spent some time at coffee bean (free refill for breakfast sets) and then at Funan IT-Mall (Most of the shops in Singapore don't open before 11am..). On my way home I stopped at some shoe shop and found a nice pair of Adidas running shoes for 55S$. So I have some running shoes finally, and can start now my training here in Malaysia to beat Robert at the next Weltkulturerbelauf.

Waiting at the coffee bean I also got a call from Georg. Since he is touring the South-East he is up for a stop in KL, and I will meet him tonight in KL.
Lonely planets writes it, and it is true, Immigrating by rail, the officials will scan your documents into their computer, but you don't get your passport stamped. So, I will keep my train ticket carefully to avoid any further complications. My passport will have to go to some officials anyway, to get my final visa inserted. But at least this task will be done by Siemens Malaysia. I got to note on this occasion, that it's quite a imposition that as an intern you will have to go to Singapore on your OWN cost to get the work visa. Even my short Hit&Run trip cost me more than 100 MYR. And if you are not comfortable in taking the night train, it will get even more expensive, since you need to stay overnight in Singapore then.


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