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This skiing holiday, I discovered some flaws using my S/O/N/Y P1i combined with an AD2P Bluetooth headset as mp3 player. First of all my headset’s batteries won’t last longer than four hours playing music. Not a problem if you want to listen to a song occasional while you are busy anyway – but if you want to listen continuously for a longer time it is just not enough. Switching to a cable headset I then had had the problems, that I couldn’t influence the played songs as much as I liked to. I first had to get the phone and then even use the touch screen to make adjustments.. To get a cable headset with remote control would cost another 30-40 Euros :-(

Add another 20 Euros and you can get a full fetched mp3 player! But then there is the problem which one to chose. For sure it shouldn’t be too big. The BT Headset weighs about 30gr and it would be nice if the mp3 player would not be too much heavier – but then you only get those pretty “cheap” looking ones, or pretty basic ones. But it should be at least as nice and sexy as my BT headset.. Well, not to easy to find something. But I already had seen a nice and sex player with some of my friends – an Ipod Nano.

The touch wheel fascinates me since I first got to use a friends first generation Ipod some years ago. Now I couldn’t resist in paying a hug extra amount for an mp3 player just to get one. How can men like me be so obsessed with gadgets? Anyway – at least I will be able to scrobble music, to which I’m listening on the road. But at least there is no use to get a Napster to go subscription now, since it won’t work with that Ipod. Should you be interested in getting an Ipod Nano, you can do it here.

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  1. Sabine says:

    *Ach ja, das iPod Nano... habs auch grad gesehen (und dran rumgespielt) bei ner Freundin. Und was die Obsession angeht - ihr Jungs wollt möglichst viele von diesen Gadgets haben (Geräte mit Knöpfen dran...), besagte Freundin hat dafür ihrem iPod einen Namen gegeben: "mein Freund Jean-Luc". Damit simmer wieder gleichauf <strong>g</strong>

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Na dann: "Beam me up Scotti".

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