Check not cleared

I should have gotten the check of my allowance onto my account by at least today. But since even today was no money that got onto my account I went to the Bank to check. And guess the bank was not able to clear my check, because of the Umlauts in my name. Because of some employee, who obviusly didn't know what he was doing, my account was opened to the name "Jurgen Hosch", and since my check is for "Juergen Hoesch" the bank couldn't clear it. I could convince the clerk with a copy of my passport to start clearing today.. but it might take until monday until i finally get my money :-(


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  1. Anna says:

    *Well, maybe the guy from the bank was in Sweden before ;-) because that's how they deal with umlauts here.
    For example the homepage of Skövde ist noch as one might think in Germany but instead Same for and anywhere else where umlauts are involded but can't be used...

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well, I didn't know how they handle umlauts here in Malaysia, so I was not worried, when my account was opened without "e"s.. but now I learned, that the official version is the one that is writen in plain letters in your passport (in the machine-readable text).. I'll pay attention, the next time, when i'm in Sweden (supposed to be that autumn visiting slotti aka Markus Lotter;)).



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