Jay's curiosity quest

The last weeks I got almost bombed by people reaching my site after doing a google search on "jay’s curiosity". I got curios about the origin of those search requests. I found, that there is some online computer game called MapleStory. This game has a quest called “Jay’s Curiosity”.

All people seeking for help with this quest should see the StrategyWiki on this issue. But as far as I could understand the information there, the quest can’t be completed, yet. Mapletip offers a walkthrough how to finish the quest.

Edit 29.10.: Since there is a continuous stream of people seeking for this information in my page, I've marked it sticky. I also want to encourage people to comment on this post about where to find further info on jay's quest!

Edit 07.11.: I'm tired of having this Maple Story picture on the top of my blog, so I'm canceling the sticky markup.

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  1. Hoi! says:

    *Hello there, I'm another one of those people that randomly found my way here googling how to complete "Jay's Curiosity." I found this whole ordeal very humorous, but MOSTLY your intrigue in the matter at hand amuses me.

    I'd love to leave some help for future Maplers that wind up here, but as of yet I have not finished the quest- it hasn't given me enough information. The only word of advice I can give to you is that, when you take Bob Snale's shell to The Rememberer- if at all possible, don't give it to him. Instant -5 fame and you lose the shell.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Thx for your support here :-)

  3. Frustrated Mapler... says:

    *Hey maplers.... I haven't finsished the quest either, but I'm with Hoi on this one... DO NOT GIVE THE REMEBERER THE SHELL!!!! he steals it from u and then u gotta go get another one, PLUS (as if that weren't enough) u get -5 fame. But I've gotten a little further. When u get the snail again, go get a regular snail shell as well. Then go to the Remeberer and tell him u'll give him Bob, but since u have a regular snail shell, you're gonna trick him, and u finish up with the Remeberer. I have NO IDEA on how to continue on with the quest, but at least now u aren't stuck at the remeberer. If u have any info, PLEASE post it here... THANKS!!

  4. Random Maple Story Torture victim says:

    *Why wHWWWYYYY WHOULD you do this to me!? im here looking for the location of Bob and it says " Bob's location" and i find its only to your musing whhyyyyy!???

  5. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well, at start I really didn't want to misguide people to my blog on purpose, but when I saw that google had sent so much people over here I though I would at least try to be of some help. The links in my post should help you to find Bob..

  6. joehosiecool says:

    *ko i found stuff out you need to see the ppl jay names off (the ones that he gave letters to )
    bruce: ??? gwin: outside of bobs cave grendelthe really old:elena at the top and the redemer: sleep wood

  7. Lea says:

    *DO give the shell to The Rememberer, he will take it from you, but you immediately initiates a new quest (the Rememberer's Passion 2) where you can steal the shell back.

    When you have the Bob Snail, you should go to Bruce in Henesys, Gwin in the Dungeon, Grendel the Really Old in Ellinia THEN go to the Rememberer who will steal it, and initiate a new quest.

    The problem is, I have finished the new quest, talked to all NPCs, and now I'm kinda stuck with the shell...Jay doesn't want it?

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