Online community produces own movie project: Helden des Campus

Users of the student community, which is a local party community in Mannheim, have produced their own movie. In six episodes the team around director and writer Niels Reinhard created a satirical homage about student life. The motto: “Sex, Drugs & Rock'n' Roll in the year 2007”.

The movie has its premier on November 14th at the Cinemaxx movie theatre in Mannheim. Starting November 15th the episodes will be released online on The creators say, it is the first movie project produced exclusively by users of a specific online community. I'm quite curios to see there work :-)

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  1. Helden des Campus - Episode

    A quick one for my early readers: The first episode of the series "Helden des Campus" about which I wrote earlier, is available online now! I got to admit, that I'm really delighted. Quite professional for an amateur production .The first episod


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  1. Niels Reinhard says:

    *Hey Jürgen!
    I just saw your entry about "Helden des Campus" at google. Thank you for that.
    The feedback was great an i'm looking foreward to the next releases.
    greez from Mannheim!

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Hi Niels,

    quite funny, I wrote that review on episode one, before I checked the comments, which were up for moderation. I really liked what I saw so far :-)

    Best regards,


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