Back on track

I'm sorry for being so quiet last week. Somehow it seems that I had caught a kind of food poisoning on my little Scandinavia trip. I've been suffering from that up on until yesterday.. Now, I'll try to catch up on all those things I wanted to do last week...


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  1. RetterDerWelt says:

    *Or maybe rather some kind of "alcohol poisoning"? :-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Not funny.

  3. kaj relander says:

    *hehe...jay, thought about posting the same but of course i can imagine that that was not very funny the last days.

    btw i'm already curious about your fantastic photos and checking your gallery every day!

    see you tonight! (i think i will stick to the house area :-D) --> kippis / skål!

  4. kaj relander says:

    *well, and actually jay didn't have too much beer the first evening because he was quite tired an a late / early hour LOL (sorry ;-) )

  5. Soli says:

    *Bring dich halt um, herrje ;-)

    Hab gestern, auf der Participate, mal an dich gedacht. Komisch, dass du jetzt kein Bamberger mehr bist.

  6. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Naa, keine Sorge, so leicht werdet ihr mich dann doch net los.

    Oha, da hätten wir uns dann ja theoretisch auf der partycipate sehen können..

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