At the movies - or how liberal is the Malayan youth protection law?

Initially I had planned to take the night bus to .sg and then go back the next day, to get my visa issues settled, but since I had not fetched up the approval letter for my working visa I couldn’t go. Now I’ll be heading for Singapore tomorrow. But so I had the chance to visit the Golden Screen Cinema in the Midvalley Megamall. And guess – it was Star Wars time! I’ll write a review on the movie later. But what bugs me right now was the audience. It was the show at 9pm and since there were like half an our of commercials it took until midnight. Since the movie is rated FSK12 in Germany under the changed German law it would be possible for a kid between 6 and 12 to view the movie in company of its parent.

“Seit dem 01. April 2003 gibt es die Möglichkeit, dass Eltern (nur Personensorgeberechtigte, nicht Erziehungsbeauftragte) mit ihren mindestens 6-jährigen Kindern im Kino Filme sehen dürfen, die mit "Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren" gekennzeichnet sind. In der Praxis kann zum Beispiel ein 10-Jähriger in Begleitung seiner Eltern in den Film "Star Wars" gehen, der erst ab 12 Jahren freigegeben ist. Die Beurteilung, inwiefern 6 - 12-jährige Kinder in ihrer individuellen Entwicklung den entsprechenden Film verstehen und verarbeiten können, wird somit den Eltern überlassen.“


But I would not expect the parents to bring their kids into an evening show! And of course not really little children under six years. The number of children in the evening show here in Malaysia really shocked me. Not only a few, but at least 10 kids as little, and tired after the movie, that they had to be carried outside by their parents watched the movie. And I thought Malaysians where conservative…


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  1. BrotZapfen says:

    *"See little <insert malaysian name here>, if you're not good and honest to us we will give birth to twins and call them Luke and Lea and they will get everything they want and you egt nothing! I will mutate and end as Dad Vader and spank the hell out of your ***!"

    Yeah! RighT! Modern educating, the malaysian style ;-)

    But what if...
    ...the kid thinks about it and lightens his father and stops the rescue teams, so he won't mutate.
    Well "Sith Happnes" and every education method got its positive and negative sites.

    And what if...
    ...Obi Wan is a Star Trek Fan and wants to demonstrate it will Anakin "dies"?
    Guess he would have said anything like: "Burn long an prosper" or on german translation something like: "Brenn lang und knusprig"

    Well finally noone will ever think about it cause there is one scene that hits all speculations about acting ans special effects.
    "Don't you think so Garth Vader?" - "Nooooooooooooooooo *tilt*"

    H.A.N.D. Garth and Party On! :-)

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