The countdown

The big finale is here. about three month ago I entered the new Astrowars round playing with old friends under a (for me) new tag. So far the round went on smooth.. But somehow we made it to enter the winning countdown of the game. As of today we are ranked first, and might even win the game - if we are really lucky... But due to that countdown we are now target of all of those other 5000 something players..

Well, I've managed to get the highest ranking within our alliance, so I fear I will be target #1 for anyone trying to kick us out of this countdown. Awaiting 24 sleepless hours.

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  1. Supergau says:

    *Du spinnst ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Ohja.. war ein hartes Stück Teamplay. Aber einfach eine schöne Erfahrung. Zusammenspielen mit einem Team quer über den Globus, ohne dass man die Leute dabei persönlich kennengelernt hat. Leider hats für unsere Allianz am Ende net ganz gereicht. Aber ich bin global #16 - von 5000+. Is glaub ich annehmbar :-) Got lucky this time :-))))))))))))))))

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