Ransom paid - I’m a Flickr Pro now.

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It took my a few days to decide but I value the chance to share my pictures with a broader range of people worth spending some 18 Euros (thx to the strong Euro!!) on a Flickr subscription.

So I could bring back my older pictures including Edumedia 2006 conference and get enough capacity to share my weallspeakfootball picture there. I’ve also started to geo-tag my images. It is possible to discover the places where the pictures were taken on a map. Unluckly Yahoo, to which Flickr belongs does not yet have the maps in the quality I'm used to by Google Earth - but the maps are sufficient to toy around with. This whole geotagging is a nice feature. I hope it will be done automatic by the next generation of digital cameras.

Now, I’m very curious whether there will be more interaction on my Flickr images than on the images posted in my very own gallery.

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  1. Supergau says:

    *So for all of those who were not amused about our Kraftwerk's congestion charge or the gruetze-tax introduced by some eastern governments, web2.0-services are also starting to cost money. That's what I wil be answering to the complaints I aways get on my desk.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *In my opinion congestion charges are a very powerful market mechanism to protect limited resources. So if there is something limited, why not let only those people use the resource willing to pay for it. Could you elaborate a little on the parallels of your congestion charge and web2.0 services?

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