Power Breakfast

Power BreakfastThis time we got some variety at work. It was time for the Siemens Malaysia Power breakfast. Which was a meeting from the company management for the employees to present results after about half of the fiscal year, to introduce new managers and of course to motivate everybody to work hard in order to achieve the goals set for the current year. Quite interesting to see the executives of the company in person. You might expect, that at a power breakfast you'd get some really heavy stuff to eat - to become powerfull, but only a "light breakfast" was served. That meant some fried noodles and a small variety of cakes.


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  1. Conny says:

    *So you got to see the CEO and CFO (who is the new CFO BTW?), wow...
    It's probably rather a girls thing to actually get to talk and dine with them ;-)

    Do me a favour and have some roti canai for me. I'm dying to have this right now!

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Roti Canai. sure i will do so next time i'm out :-).
    Sorry, I don't recall the name of the new CFO. But actually i had a short talk with Mister Althoff on Tuesday, at the Meeting of the Siemens Sports Club :-).



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