How much money do i need to live in Malaysia?

The only aspect I got to worry a little right now, is that I needed more money than expected. It would be to hard to switch completely to an life style, which is not that expensive.. I mean you can eat for MYR 6.10 and your a completely filled up and the meal tastes really good - but if you have the desire to eat a pizza with plenty of cheese, and you want to drink a beer for beverage you end up spending MYR 25.. Even to get some bread and sausage, which is something really common in Germany for a light dinner may cost a fortune, if you are not willing to eat the cheap bread, or if you are up for some non-halal salami (MYR15/100gr).

I calculated that MYR 34 would be sufficient for a living per day, but that figure is without anything special, like a dessert after lunch, or a DVD movie to watch in the evening. And as mentioned before you can easily end up spending money which would be enough for a whole day for just one dinner.

Calculation for a minimum budget in Malysia:

  • Breakfast - Cookies MYR 2
  • Lunch - MYR 10
  • Taxi home from work MYR 7
  • Coffee-brake MYR 5
  • Dinner - MYR 10

So, 30*34MYR=1020MYR considering, that there are additional costs for accommodation of about 500MYR, the whole money of the pay check will be gone for the minimum needs. I know that being really economically it might work to live with less than MYR20 a day.. but that would be far away from European standards. So I try not to do the expensive things to often and hope that there will be money left for many, many holiday trips ;-)


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