Raildance Express

This is a paid posting, powered by trigami Disclaimer: This is a paid posting, powered by trigami.

InterRail – a dream of my youth, which I never managed to accomplish. Travelling through Europe with all the freedom you can think of can be a real adventure. Unluckily I never made it to do InterRail :-( So the least thing I can do is, to write about it. To promote this dream the the marketing people of InterRailNet.com are going modern ways. They created a flash game, and a competition to promote their product.

The game called “Raildance Express” puts you into the role of Bruno who is going out for an InterRail travel. It’s Bruno’s challenge to travel along possible routes and collect as many points as possible. You get points if you manage to visit a fast variety of cities throughout Europe, but also if you manage to hit certain hot spots, where you can meet fellow “Raildancers”. This could be quite a strategic challenge. But the game is not a preliminary strategic game, but merely relies on skill. In each level Bruno has to run through his current city, avoid obstacles or jump at the right moment to gain speed, to be able to choose the next train he wants to ride on. This has to be achieved by sliding through under conductors.

So far I took two turns playing the game, but I didn’t finish the second go, since I got quite frustrated after not getting onto the right train for the second time. This is the main disadvantage of this neat game. It’s the same for 15 levels… I must confess that I was really curious in discovering the slight graphic differences between the cities. You can also learn something about the geography in Europe, since you’ll get a map with the major cities in between the levels, but the game less addictive than I expected. But there is a reason to put some efforts in playing the game – until the end of September the weeks best player will win an InterRail ticket!

Even if the flash game can’t fascinate you, there is more beyond this campaign, that might interest you. The Weblog InterRail Station provides information and stories about InterRail travel. Have a look if you are up for some wanderlust!

There is also a nice story about the evolutionary process of that game (Don’s Blog also writes about it). It all started with Matt Harding (Last week SPON wrote about him), who got famous by traveling through the world and shooting dancing videos at prominent places. Some Europeans took Matt as their example and created their own video: “Dancing InterRail”. This video inspired the creators and got them to create Raildance Express”.

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  1. Sabine says:

    *Nee... mich nervt Bahnfahren in echt ja schon (Zug verpasst, Zug verspätet, deswegen Kabarett verpasst, kaputte Klimaanlage in nem Zug, der sich auf der gesamten Strecke ne satte Verspätung zusammensteht...), da will ich mich dann net auch noch freiwillig virtuell mit beschäftigen. !wah

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Jo, kann ich gut nachvollziehen. Seit meiner Bundeswehrzeit (13h für die 250km von Oberviechtach nach Wildflecken) bin ich da auch ein wenig traumatisiert. Aber ich glaub man kann auf Bahnfahrten durchaus auch Spaß haben - wenn man z.B. als Gruppe in Urlaub unterwegs ist, und das ganze net den lästigen Transportcharakter hat..

  3. Jo says:

    *Hello! :-)
    I spent a couple of hours playing this game and I guess my best result is about 3000 points. Now I ask you a question. The best result ever is 7232 points, which for 15 turns is an average 482,13 points per turn: do you think there is a way to really achieve this score? I must admit I found the game quite fun, but after trying it many times I spent a minute reflecting on the rank displayed in the page of the best results, and even if I'm definitely not the best player around I still can see that it really looks like there aren't enough round or points or bonuses to get to 7000. I do not mean to offend anyone, just wanted to read an opinion!
    Hope to read from you

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *7000something - that's a really amazing score. From my experience with such games, there might be a special route through the game, which exploit some programming inaccuracies.. You probably need the right place to start and an exact route to get to an overwhelming bonus or similar. Unluckily I don't have enough time to try to exploit that game. I'm also not to skilled in reverse engineering of Flash games - but the programmers might think about checking their source code.

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