When I chose to come to Malaysia I wasn't aware about the many aspects of culture I would see here. Of course I read some description, that there are Malayan, Chinese and Indian people, but since those are all Asians I underestimated the cultural differences.
For example going out at night, you will most probably end up with Chinese people, since they in contrast to Muslim Malayans drink alcohol, and therefore are more into that whole nightlife thing. Most probably those groups don't mix while going out, too. There is quite some disrespect between those groups. The Chinese disrespect Malayans because the Malayan government won't support the education of their kids equally and puts other disadvantages on them, too. The Malayans disrespect Chinese cause they are everything else but "Bumiputra". I was told that in terms of going out Muslims might be a risk, since their believe forbids them alcohol, but doesn't care about other drugs.. But the Malayan government does (I got a glimpse into a newspaper today, and one of the headlines stated "drug trafficker executed". So hanging around with the wrong guys might get you into deep trouble. So far I can say that I really enjoy hanging out with Chinese friends like Ben and Alison, they are really open minded and provide some insights into the cultural features of the country.

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