4 weeks contd. - Things I like/dislike in Malaysia

Now let’s get into some writing (Actually this post was prepared on the train journey to Singapore on Saturday, 14th of May). As I mentioned before, it doesn’t fell like I’m here already 4 weeks. The time past so immensely fast… I so far managed to like this country very much. You know since I'm a born in Bayreuth, I can be considered a real Franconian, and therefore you must not expect emotional eruptions. Giving a statement "I really like" could already be considered as a big thing..
Some of my friends here were worried, that I might not say what I dislike openly (probably in order not to insult them), but there are only few things I can put on that list. I will put things on a 10 points list. Of course it is easier to see things to dislike..

Things I dislike

  • Infrastructure open incineration of litter, open sewage system
  • taxi drivers wanting to cheat
  • waiters trying to refill your beer every few seconds
  • sitting next to some Malayan in the LRT who obviously never heard about the invention of deodorant
  • seeing things which are real cheap for European terms, but not being able to buy them
  • lack of warm water to shower
  • overdone ringing tones and everyone letting his phone ring really loud in office
  • handling of natural resources
  • working moral of some Malayan. For German terms you would call it just unprofessional - but even if you need something done urgently it takes its time..
  • mosquitos hanging around and biting

Things I like

  • Chinese food (that doesn’t mean that I dislike Malayan, Indian or Thai food, but some of the best things I ate here were Chinese :-))
  • openness of the people
  • having tea and cookies at office
  • view out of my office, with the twin towers in the background
  • being able to assist at various computer problems
  • having a cup of coffee and WLAN at Starbucks and probably meeting one of my German friends online
  • can of Nescafe Esspress for 1.3 MYR
  • weather: hot, but still good bearable, and unless you are respecting some dress code or have to worry about an overdone air con you can wear sandals and short pants all time


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  1. cs says:

    *Der Jay und seine Sandalen ;-) Die große Freiheit is damit schon erreicht! LOL werd jetzt mal sehe wie spät es bei Dir ist und dann anrufen!

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Sandalen sind schon toll. Aber leider passen sie nicht ins Office Outfit.. naja. ein bisschen ein Unterschied zwischen Freizeit und Arbeit muss ja auch noch sein.



  3. Rex Imperator says:

    *This is the Federation of Malaysia for you. Give us 50 years and we will just be like Deutschland clean, progressive and hnest!

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I'll come back in 50 years and check ;-)

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