Southside - Here we come!

Initially I was planing to visit the great Glastonbury Festival. But somehow I didn't really find some friends to make the long journey to the British Island. The trip would have been quite expensive, though.. But rescue found me - got accredited to cover the Southside Festival and I will be there to guarantee a decent picture coverage.

The Southside Festival is held on a plateau in Neuhausen ob Eck a few kilometers north of Lake Constance. This year 45.000 tickets will be sold for this festival. Headlining artists are the grunge legends Pearl Jam, the alternative-rocker Marylin Manson and the all time hip-hop heroes the Beastie Boys. Personally I'm looking forward to finally see Placebo live. I'm also quite curious in seeing some newcomers like Karpatenhund and Fotos.

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