bitte, gib mir nur ein wort

Some time ago paule sent me a meme to answer. The challenge is to open each question with only one word. I kinda translated the meme quite fast – so if you have comments feel free to utter.

Your mobile phone? S/O/N/Y
Your partner? -
Your hair? decent
Your mum? irreplaceable
Your dad? successful
Most loved Item? camera
Last nights dream? irrelevant
Favourite drink? carbonated water
Dream car? BMW M5
The room you are currently in? disorderly
Your ex? -
Your fear? unfounded
Where do you want to be in 10 years? happy
With whom did you spent the last evening? friends
What is it you are not? simple
The last thing you did? chatting
What do you wear? clothes
Favourite book? Snow crash
The last thing you did eat? breakfast
Your life? interesting
Your mood? relaxed
Your friends? helpful
What are you currently thinking about? applications
What are you doing at the moment? blogging
Your summer? hot
What is on the TV? irrelevant
When did you laugh the last time? T-5min
When did you cry the last time? long ago
School? Not a place to work
What are you currently listening to? soul
Favourite activity for weekends? friends
Favourite job? undecided
Your computer? old
Outside your window? noise
Beer? U
Mexican food? tasty
Winter? skiing
Religion? controversial
Holidays? sun
On your bed? clothes
Love? important

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