Seafood Dinner

LS Malaysia

We went out for our seafood dinner yesterday right after work. The restaurant, which Alison was so kind to chose, was in the area near Subang Airport, so we had to go there by car. We already had some fun meeting in front of CP-Tower and took some pictures there.

Ben eatingThe dinner was served like a traditional chinese meal for a group on a table with a disc in the middle, which can be rotated, so everybody can access the different foods. And we had plenty of different stuff... crabs, mussels, fish, squid, also some pork (or was it lamb) for Max who doesn't like seafood that much. Getting the flesh out of crabs can be quite difficult, so we got some nice tools, like a nutcracker and a hammer! Of course not only Ben managed it to get his place messed up a little.. This time we can honestly say we got the table looking like after a tsunami.

We also met Alison's father at the restaurant, who was so kind to buy us some beer! It was a very pleasant evening, and i'm already looking forward to the next seafood dinner :-)


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  1. Rex Imperator says:

    *Glad that you had a pleasant evening. I think everyone had a pleasant evening too, despite the bugs fling around. It will be much better if it was a weekend and we may have a drink too many and don't bother having to work the next day.

    Since i have effectively retired from the chairmanship, it is up to the new chairman or chairwoman to organise the next outing. :-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Since drinks are supposed to be cheap on Langkawi i think we actually might have a few...




  3. Rex Imperator says:

    *I would like to confirm on the meat dish that we had. The place not only serves excellent seafood but also dog meat. Therefore the meat wasn't pork or lamb or beef, but its DOG. Yes people its DOG MEAT, and wasn't it good the way they do it!!!

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Actually there was this British-style peppermint sauce.. i took it with the meat.. so i didn't get too much of the meat taste. I'd have paid more attention if I knew it was dog.. So nothing special to say about that.. Besides, I like the seafood more than the meat :-) Was a greater mess, though ;-)



  5. PPA says:

    *Eh hello! don't scare them like that lah!!!
    You should know very well that I'm a Dog-Fanatic so do you think that I'll bring you guys to go eat dog meat??? After the 2 seminars that I'm organizing, I shall bring you guys to have a taste of REAL meat... eg. deer, snake, frog, rabbit, wildboar, squirrel, bat, wild fox etc... It's got a reputation to enhance the male --- you know what I mean...

  6. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Mhm.. no real dog.. ok.. think i'll really have to go to Vietnam or Cambodia to get dog-meat.. I already had deer, rabbit and wildboar in germany, but i would be very interested in going for the other stuff ;-)



  7. Rex Imperator says:

    *Well we can bring you to spare part soup, liver, kidney, big intestine, small intenstine and blood.

  8. Conny says:

    *Somehow the whole spare parts thing is less scary when you bring to mind that saucages in Germany contain spare parts and are even filled in intestines. And I somehow have this feeling that food at our Uni's cafeteria has seen it's share of spareparts, too...
    BTW, in my region they have a traditional dish called "saure kutteln" which is basically intestines and brain. So, who are you trying to scare ;-)

    Jürgen, you should really go to Vietnam! I saw dogs hanging on sticks there, already skinned of course. And they had tiger penises in jars. At least I think it was tigers'...
    PS: Didn't meet Zaidi, didn't have the time. I really regret it though... Well, maybe next time.

  9. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *You are so right Conny.. I don't really want to know what stuff they put into some sausages (Especially into the one's that are sold in our cafeteria as curry-wurst or bratwurst). I definately don't miss the food at the university. But I miss meeting my friends there for lunch.

    I will consider your advice on Vietnam, the next holiday will come - for sure :-)

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