Family celebrations

Guess that cycle of celebrations started sometime back in 1975, when my parents got married, later siblings of my parents married, then the first children where born, and the whole clan met for their christening. Being Lutheran, some 14 years after the christening we could celebrate the confirmation. Meanwhile all descendants have been through this celebrations, and the next big round of celebrations are the 50th birthdays. With my godfather in January and my great-uncle Günther last weektwo of these get together parties took already place this year.

B-day hansI did already provide some pictures through my image gallery, but I think a short write-up about those events will be nice for my personal memories. My godfather celebrated his birthday in “town hall” in Neustädtlein. This is more or less a restaurant which can be rented to run it on yourself for your party. This gave the whole event a really familiar touch. My cousins where serving the guests drinks (my cousin Tim works for the Maisel brewery in Bayreuth), the dinner was a buffet, and you could get dumplings! The later layer cake buffet contained home made layer cakes. Of course the party was accompanied by an obligatory solo entertainer. And it was natural, that he did not only play music, but also animated the people to enjoy themselves by taking part in some party games.. Well, this is the place where some sort of generation gap takes place. Where I actually had fun dancing foxtrot with my godmother, or listening to some traditional Franconian dancing music, it was a rather odd to watch a game where a rolling pin had to be passed from person to person. Overall I enjoyed that evening – continuation desired. (Of course I got an almost obligatory, cutting remark, why my younger brother could bring his girlfriend, where I had no one to show..)

Last weeks birthday hat a different setting, the venue was a restaurant in Schönfeld, there where more people invited, and less people I knew. The atmosphere was less easy going than on the previously described party. Somehow I felt a little uncomfy in that environment. Of course I had some nice discussions with my brother, and my uncle (who described all his late computer problems), but I wouldn’t reach a decent celebration mood. The solo entertainer had a great part in this situation. He managed to start and end each of his entertainment efforts with some in my opinion annoying phrases. Well, other party guests liked them.. be invited to check the video and make your own judgment.

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