The 79th Academy Awards

The last time I’ve had the chance to watch “the Oscars” live was 10 years ago! Today I’m finally able to repeat this. Unluckily I’m home alone, and the Prosecco has to stay closed due to a lack of a corkscrew, but it still has some flair for me. So I’m sitting here in front of the TV

  • sipping a decent local beer
  • covered by a few blankets
  • enjoying tortilla chips with salsa dip

while the Hollywood honours its best! With Jack black in stage at the moment, the show looks very promising :-)

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  1. owner of ur house says:

    *there is a corkscrew - take a good look!
    you live in the place of a freakin alcoholic... ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Thx for that advice, found that corkscrew a few days ago - I finally wanted to have some wine.
    So far, I've avoided your collection of alcoholic beverages ;-)

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