Shanadoo - King Kong

I really have to admit, that the song this post is about is... well the German expression would be "grenzwertig", which means something like "near limits". It is a cover of the original eurodance song by E-Rotic, which where well known through their very meaningful songs like "Max don't have Sex with your ex" or the follow up "Fred come to bed". Anyway E-Rotic was successful in Japan, too and that might be the reason why the German producer of the Japaneese girls of Shanadoo chose to create a remake of this song.

The song was part of the usual warm-up program at my spine training course. Listening to this song we had to do fast movements with stretched arms. The last lesson of that course did take place last week and I begin to miss it. Guess that's why I searched for that video ;-)

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  1. niciii says:

    *spine training course :-)?

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well, as mentioned in my linked post I took this course during the last semester to have training for my spine.. It is called "Präventive Rückenschule" and I can really recommend it to everyone willing to train a little. We've learned a bunch of easy exercises, which can keep the whole body trained :-)

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