Nightwish - Start of a new era!

In 2005 the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish ended an era by abandoning their famous female lead singer Tarja Turunen. This year they will be back with a new singer. I found the following announcement on today:

The auditions for the new vocalist have ended, with more than 2000 demos sent to us. (yesterday, 15.1. we received 120 demos!) A big thanks to everybody! So please don`t send anymore demos, since now we need to concentrate on finishing the album recordings.

The new vocalist will be announced at the end of May, together with the release of a new single.

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  1. kai says:

    *da bin ich aber mal sehr gespannt... wobei es schwer wird tarja turunen zu ersetzen, sie war ja auch für viele das gesicht der band.

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