High school reunion 2006

AbitreffenSince I finished high school in 1998 my grade is celebrating a reunion almost every year. This time we met at the 26th of December (which now is the traditional date for this meeting) at the Odeon in Bayreuth. Finding my way to the Odeon I realized how long I hadn't visited Bayreuth. I had to look the location up on a map! The meeting was at 7pm and I was a little late due to a late family dinner, so a lot of old friends were already at the venue. I don't have time to get into the details of the evening but I had a good time, I got an invitation to Siberia, and I might look for job opportunities with SAP.
I hadn't brought my camera in 2005 and somehow was sad, that I had no pictures of this event, so I took the chance to cover this years meeting.

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