Love Actually

Did I tell you that I like films like Magnolia, Bin ich schön? or Pulp Fiction? Somehow the narrative style with many stories which are related more or less to each other fascinates me. I couldn't find an adequate term to describe this type of film but currently "Love Actually" is running on RTL and - although it is kinda soppy - I like it :-)

I'll write a view words about the story after the movie is over.

Jay's rating (4/5)

Spoiler: The attached Video shows the finale of one of the love episodes - my favorite - heart warming!
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  1. Solange says:

    *Dein Link zu "Love actually" ist falsch, der verweist nämlich auf Magnolia.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Ups, da hat wohl was mit Copy&Paste net richtig hingehauen - habs ausgebessert.

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